Hello everyone, and welcome to the world of Generation Zero.

Our team is excited to invite you into our home, the backyards and beautiful forests of 1980’s Sweden. While we have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences within our team, we all hope to bring you a taste of where we currently live - albeit in an alternate 1980’s setting. This is when many of us grew up, at the start of the Information Age, alongside radical threads and big hair. For those of us who didn’t grow up in the 80’s, the sense of wonder and imagination while playing outside is still a universally strong, relatable memory.

We hope that you find yourself able to jump back into the past with us, into this world of exploration and mayhem. Whether your time is spent unraveling the mystery behind the Machines or finding fun and interesting ways to destroy them; Whether you prefer to play with a full crew of friends or solo, we know you’ll find your ideal way to play.

What we want you to know is this: the Generation Zero team is passionately committed to making this world bigger, better, and even more exciting. With a mix of both free and paid content, you can expect intense new PvE challenges, more ways to modify your loadout and style of play, terrifying updates to enemies, expansions to the story, and of course bigger hair and even more radical threads.

But for now most of our focus is on collecting information and prioritizing/fixing the bug reports from all of you. We’ve made good progress so far via two PC hotfixes and one Xbox patch deployed since launch, with further updates coming in the future.

We’ve also heard several common points of feedback that the community agrees on so far, and we’re already digging into how to make improvements - such as machine behavior or clearer co-op progression. Outside of the above-mentioned bug fixes and future content that we’ve planned, we aim to incorporate community feedback into our plans so that we can make the improvements you want to see.

So please, keep talking to us and let us hear from you about what you’d like to see Generation Zero do next. We’re on this journey together, and remember...


//The Generation Zero Team