Hello Survivors!

We are very pleased to announce the very first expansion to Generation Zero, Alpine Unrest.

Alpine Unrest ($7.99/€7.99) picks up the story one month after you first landed on the beaches of Östertörn, and takes you to a new as-yet unexplored island, Himfjäll.

Himfjäll offers new areas and locations to explore in this formerly popular ski resort. You can scout for machine activity from atop snow-covered ski-slopes, or scavenge the derelict cafes and shops for supplies.

The centerpiece of the island is the hotel, Björntunet. Having previously been abandoned during the machine invasion, it’s recently been reinhabited by new “guests”; although these visitors look to want to stay for more than just a weekend trip.

Key Features of Alpine Unrest

  • Explore the beautiful, yet treacherous, snow-covered island of Himfjäll
  • Expand on the story of Generation Zero with new missions
  • For the first time meet with survivors, other than those in your group.
  • New achievements and collectables for those that like to explore.
  • Do battle with the fearsome new “Apocalypse” class machines.
  • Expand your arsenal with the new KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon and KVM 59 Machine Gun.

    NOTE: Some features (Apocalypse Class Machines and New Weaponry) releasing with Alpine Unrest will be available to everybody, regardless of expansion ownership. These additions will be available, along with all of our typical bug-fixes and improvements, when Alpine Unrest is live