Hello there everyone - it’s time for the August Update! This month brings a new feature to the table as well as a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. Give the Patch Notes a read and let us know what you think so we can keep making Generation Zero the best it can be!

Storage Boxes
One big addition this month is the ability to store all those extra items you agonize over! Added storage has been a constantly requested feature and we’re happy to bring it to you. Most Safehouses now come equipped with the brand new “Plundra” Storage Box where you can store up to 100 items. No more debating between carrying that extra weapon or extra ammo - keep one and store the other for later!

Side Mission Improvements
Back in June we gave the Main Missions an overhaul under-the-hood so that we could fix a lot of the systemic issues that were hanging around. This month we’re applying that same treatment to the Side Missions! No more getting stuck and being unable to complete these fun additions to the story.

That said, just like with the Main Missions, this change comes with a side effect: Progress on your current Side Missions will be reset back to the first step of that Mission. We apologize for this but it was a necessary step to un-stick players and get the system into its new correct state.

The next step for Side Missions is to tweak how they are handled when you’re playing solo vs. multiplayer. Right now in MP they behave like Main Missions do: as in everything that can be synced up, is synced between players. In the future we’re exploring how to make Side Missions completable by everyone independently. Why? So that you’re not accidentally completing a Side Mission when your friend ran off to finish a Side Mission across the map while you’re in the middle of a Main Mission. On top of that, this means that you can complete a Side Mission in MP even if the Host has already completed it in their game.

Game Balance
Lastly, alongside player feedback from previous updates, we’ve made some tweaks that should improve the experience overall. As always, please keep the feedback coming on these items so we can keep making the game better!

Machine Behavior
There have been lots of comments about the behavior of Machines from players and it’s something that we want to constantly tweak to make the experience feel solid. Given that, we’ve made a bunch of tweaks, alongside some bug fixes, that we hope will make them more challenging.

A big one is that sometimes Machines are just a bit too passive when a player is nearby. Meaning you could walk right up to a few of them, and kill one before the others would even acknowledge your presence. That doesn’t feel very realistic at all so we’ve made them a bit snappier to respond to obvious threats.

Some smaller updates include having a few specific Machines use their weapons more often than previously (which was almost not at all!) and lowering the frequency that some Machines would end up in a “passive” state. We hope all of these make the combat better, so please let us know how it feels!

Loot Tweaks
A largely reported issue recently has been the random disappearance of ammo from either your inventory, or worse, your weapon! With player help we were able to track down the source of this problem and fix it. No more disappearing ammo!

With regards to containers, there were a few things identified by you all that were really annoying. One of them was that tool boxes were not dropping loot in most regions - now they will carry loot again! Additionally, flashlights were sometimes randomly popping up in the loot pools, meaning instead of ammo, clothing, etc. a flashlight would take its place, but no longer.

Safe Houses in MP
Going forward, anytime you join someone else’s game and you find yourself unlocking a new Safehouse (well, new to you), you’ll find that that Safehouse is now unlocked in your game should you play solo later or host a game. Previously this didn’t work consistently and we wanted to ensure that when you unlock stuff, you keep it unlocked. This fix is keeping with our trend to keep unlocking things straightforward for you, no matter where or how you play. We’re not quite where we want to be yet, but we’re getting there!

Full patch notes continued:


  • Corrected audio issue that could occur around Muskudden Bunker.
  • Tank ragdolls now play correct audio effects.
  • Tank footstep sound effects now correctly sync with their walking animation.
  • Sound effects now correctly play when trying to fire while out of ammo.

  • Corrected reload animation for when reloading the Meusser rifle and all Sidearms in the crouched position.

  • Corrected issue that could cause the player-character to be stuck in a state with lower than intended movement speed.
  • Resolved issue that could sometimes cause the player to have to “Abandon” twice when choosing to respawn at a Safehouse.
  • Corrected issue that could cause the “Revive” and “Abandon” options to not appear when in a downed state.

  • Renamed “ACOG” scope to “Red Dot”.
  • Corrected issue that could result in ammunition disappearing from player inventory/weapons.

  • Corrected multiple causes of client crashes.

    DLC Fixes
  • Correcting clipping issues on Bucket Hat for female models.
  • Correct issue where Tourist Camera would clip into Miami suit jacket.
  • Summer Sweatshirt will no longer clip into t-shirt items on female models.
  • The Pants with Fanny Pack item will no longer clip into the Adventurer Shirt.
  • The Miami suit jacket will no longer clip with Miami pants on female models.
  • The Midsummer Blouse pouch will no longer clip into pants on female characters.
  • The Bead Necklace will no longer clip into shirts.

  • Fixed issue that could result in Tank enemies becoming passive.
  • Harvesters will now correctly use missile weaponry when intended.
  • Shotgun-equipped Runners will now use their weaponry correctly.
  • Machines will now better react to players in close proximity, or when other machines are destroyed close to them.
  • Fixed issue that could result in the Hunter moving to the “ready to fire” pose, but then not firing.
  • Tank gas attacks now use the correct animation.
  • Corrected issue that could cause excessive amounts of Runner spawns outside of Uttern Bunker.

  • Corrected pathway to room that was incorrectly blocked-off in the Muskudden Bunker complex.
  • Corrected multiple instances of floating terrain, incorrect collision on props/terrain, and resolved potential areas where player could get stuck.

  • Corrected issue that prevented Toolbox loot from respawning correctly.
  • Tweaked (higher) drop-rate of “friendly” ticks for those using the Engineer skill.
  • Previously looted containers, where appropriate, will now update with closed lids when they are ready to be looted once more.

  • Corrected issue that could cause map markers to remain after their related mission were completed.
  • The “Last Stand” side mission now has a correctly labelled map marker.

  • Mission items for “Calling for Help” and “Over and Out” are now represented by the correct objects.
  • The “FOA 53 Shipments Memo” Mission item for “Science of Deduction” is now properly shown in the mission log.
  • Corrected issue that could block progress with “The Gun Club” side mission.
  • Corrected issue that could prevent players progressing with the “Empty Spaces” mission when looting mission objects outside of the intended order.
  • Corrected issue that could prevent the “Warboard Bunker” keys from dropping correctly.
  • Corrected issue that would prevent the keycard mission object for “A Wrench in the Works” from spawning.
  • Corrected issue that would block completion of the “Gas Run” mission if the gas station was destroyed prior to mission start.
  • “Gas Run” now correctly displays a map marker.
  • Corrected issue related to “The Path of the Gods” mission.
  • Mission item for “Treasure Hunt” will now correctly show in the player’s log.
  • Added a marker to the Sorken Bunker when on the “Use the barcode key cards to enter the bunker” objective.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the Warboard Sorken Bunker mission uncompletable if a multiplayer host was to close the session with the mission active.
  • Warboard unlock missions now correctly update/save in multiplayer.
  • Corrected issue that would prevent markers from updating for the “Wrench in the Works” mission.
  • Missions using entry keys now have them display in the log as intended.
  • The marker for the “The Home Team” mission now leads to the correct location.
  • Fixed issue with “Treasure Hunt” that could prevent looting of mission items.
  • When interacting with the floppy disk item for “Out Hiking” it will now correctly appear in the players log.
  • Warboard missions are now clearer in explaining which region their related missions belong to.
  • Clarified objective text of “Radio Silence” mission.
  • Clarified objective text for “Flying Objects” mission.
  • Clarified mission item description for “Flying Objects” mission.
  • Corrected issue where an objective location was unreadable on the map for “Flying Objects”.
  • “Hogging Supplies” mission now correctly updates when lock-picking.
  • Mission items now correctly appear in the log for “Heavy Loadout”.
  • Added extra waypoint markers for the “Back on Track” mission.
  • Corrected issue that could make mission markers for “The Old Guard” persist after mission completion.
  • Corrected issue that could in some cases make markers for mission enemies disappear.
  • Corrected issue that prevented players from interacting with the mission computer for “Out Hiking”.
  • Adjusted mission marker for “Out Hiking”.
  • “Zero Hour” will no longer become blocked if mission triggers are interacted with out of intended order.
  • Corrected issue that could block singleplayer mission progression should a user join a multiplayer game where the host is on the same mission step.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Warboard - Minken Bunker" mission not exiting a stuck state from old patches. It's now reset correctly for stuck players.

  • Safe houses unlocked in multiplayer now correctly carry over to single-player games.

  • Corrected issue that could result in Windows Defender blocking saves from storing.
  • Corrected issue that could result in BitDefender blocking saves from storing.
  • Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to save the game if the save file was corrupt and the backup file was missing.

  • It is no longer possible to steer whilst typing a chat message. Previously steering inputs would reacted “A” or “D” where typed for example.
  • Made the flashlight point in the direction the bike is facing while in multiplayer.
  • The interaction prompt should no longer permanently disappear when falling off a bike.
  • Fixed issue that prevented bikes from being spawned at Muskudden Port Safehouse.

  • The Team Screen received a make-over, check out all the changes!
  • Player distance now correctly adheres to the metric/imperial setting.
  • The Stamina meter will no longer behave inconsistently while playing multiplayer

  • When aiming down sights it should now transition smoothly instead of “snapping” to maximum zoom.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause stuttering when aiming down sights using the 1-4x scope.
  • Tier 5 now correctly have the green glowing open sight markers where intended.
  • Fixed issue that caused some weapons to have a solid grey texture.
  • Corrected description text on suppressors. They do NOT reduce weapon damage.
  • Explosions now correctly damage players in all intended cases.