Greetings, Survivors!

Surprise! We just released an update focused on Quality of Life and stability - the Community Requests update! We’ve been working on this for a while and are thrilled to bring it to you today. Its contents are largely based on what we saw the community ask for. Of course, future updates will continue to bring features and changes requested by you all, but this was the perfect opportunity for us to pack some of them into one release.
Here’s what’s in the patch:

5th Anniversary Event

From now until April 14th, you can earn five brand new weapon skins by partying together with the machines in GZ!
Killing enemies next to an active boombox or radio has a chance of dropping one of these special skins. Time to dance.
Included skins:

  • Granatgevär m/49 - Whiplash
  • AG4 - BEPP Cola
  • AG5 - Ash of the Flesh
  • PVG90 - Splash Freak Custom
  • Kpist - Heavy Flash

Ping System

Person placing a ping on a Runner

Bound to the G key / left bumper by default, a ping can be used to either mark a location or an enemy. If you mark a location, a general ping icon will appear. If you aim at an enemy, an exclamation mark will stick to the machine as it moves around. And the best thing is that your companion will try to move towards your ping or attack the machine it’s attached to! No more instances of you being unable to get out of a bunker room because your metallic friend is in the way, and no need for us to add “Lydia” to the pool of Companion names.

Buildable Companion Station

You can now build a Companion Station in your base! Switch out weapons, armor, names, and cosmetics on your best buddy - right from the comfort of your fortress.

Strategic Wood Piles

Many players have asked us for more and easier ways to gather wood to fortify their bases. We’ve added wood piles for you to find to 5 locations throughout Östertörn, each pile rewarding you with 4-8 wood. These are the places where you can find them:

  • Forest Worker’s Barracks, Archipelago
  • West of Granhygget
  • Leräng
  • Hjortqvarns Sågverk
  • Muskudden Port

Please keep giving us feedback around crafting materials, it’s the best way for us to keep improving crafting to make it fun to use!

Plundra storage limit increase

With this update, you will be able to upgrade your plundra all the way up to level 10, increasing your maximum storage available to 1,600. This is a change we were looking forward to making considering how many of you asked for more storage space to accommodate for the ever-growing loot pool in GZ! Thank you for your feedback.

Flakmoped Deployables

Deployable items such as boomboxes and gas canisters can now be placed directly in the tray of the Flakmoped. Unfortunately, you still won’t be able to fit the turrets from our Equipment DLCs on there as they’re too large, but this will make it much easier for you to act as a distraction or to lead the (explosive) charge!

Quality of Life

  • Your encumbrance level can now be seen in your HUD, making inventory management easier.
  • When accessing Augmentation for the first time, a tutorial for how it works will be displayed. This tutorial can be rewatched anytime in the Augmentation menu.
  • Increased the maximum amount of icons that can be displayed on the radar at the same time from 8 to 50. This will make it easier to follow missions with multiple objectives.
  • Increased the Companion’s resistance to fire damage. It will now take the Reaper longer to make hot dogs.

We hope you enjoy this update and are already putting our heads down working on the next update, which will contain new content again. Thank you for your continued support!

The Generation Zero Dev Team

Bug Fixes


  • Firework boxes no longer confuse the Companion
  • Fixed a bug where players could accidentally remove augmentations from weapons after putting them in the Companion’s inventory
  • Prevented the Companion from teleporting in front of vehicles while driving
  • Players will no longer receive Companion cosmetics as loot before completing "Making Friends"

  • Fixed a bug where a loud clicking sound would play when the player is near fighting machines
  • Fixed an issue where machines would be visible for the host, but not for clients. Please keep reporting issues with invisible machines so we can keep working on this!
  • [Community Reported] Fixed a bug where Firebirds would never spawn with the Tesla Coil or Thermobaric loadouts.
  • Gave the Harvester’s ability to spawn reinforcements a cooldown to free up bandwidth on the FNIX emergency frequencies
  • Fixed a bug where Harvesters would consistently drop 4 crown AG4s after completing the mission “An Invitation”
  • Fixed one issue causing machines not playing an explosion sound when dying during base assault. We know you love it when they go kaboom! Please let us know if the symptoms persist.
  • Removed an instance of players seeing an “Entered Combat” notification when they had not been spotted yet

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the generator in Procedural Missions from being refueled.
  • [Community Reported] Fixed an issue where no Command Tokens were awarded during Building Blocks, temporarily locking it from being progressed.
  • Gave the document in “Hogging Supplies” back its interactable glow. It’s its time to shine now!
  • Fixed multiple issues with “Clearing the Path” where the truck wasn’t moving, Calle was standing inside the truck, and the truck could be derailed by players standing in the way. Also, fixed one of the wheels having a square grey texture

  • Fixed the stats display for the S21, which was showing the 5C version dealing less damage than the 4C version. This was never true in actuality.
  • Players can no longer store resources at the recycling station past the weight limit
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong inventory weight was shown after looting
  • Fixed a bug where previously looted items would sometimes stick to the cursor in future loot interactions

  • Fixed a multitude of floating rocks, textures, and props

  • Fixed motorbikes not being interactable while moving and after crashing

  • Fixed various “random during gameplay” crashes on all platforms
  • Fixed multiple crashes occurring when driving a vehicle
  • Fixed a crash when transferring items to the storage box on PlayStation
  • Fixed several crashes related to fast traveling to or exploring bunkers
  • Fixed a crash occurring when an explosion happens near the truck during “Clearing the Path”

Known Issues

  • NPCs can sometimes be invisible. This is circumvented by restarting the game and we are looking into fixing it with the next update.
  • [Community Reported] Safehouses might get lost when logging in. This is most commonly encountered on PlayStation.
  • Clients can crash when riding a motorbike in a densely populated area