Greetings, Survivors!
Today, we have an exciting Hotfix for you. It is being released on XBox + Win10 for now, we're looking at a PlayStation and Steam release for next week due to the verification processes. Thank you to everyone for your patience!

Lately, we’ve seen an influx of reports of “random crashes” during gameplay. Well, we’ve dedicated one of our amazing programmers, Georgios, to look at the most prevalent ones. This patch is a culmination of his efforts to improve game stability and performance.

This Hotfix contains crash fixes related to:

  • Shock ammo used in multiplayer
  • HEAT ammo used in multiplayer
  • Explosions
  • Firebird balloons
  • Machine pathfinding
  • Vehicles despawning
  • Vehicle driving
  • Interacting with the inventory very fast
  • Too many sounds happening at the same time
  • Base assault completions
  • Mission completions
  • Multiplayer disconnects
  • Closing the game

    Furthermore, we fixed consistently appearing crashes during normal gameplay on Xbox and PS4.

As a cherry on top of the mound of squashed bugs, we removed a bug where players couldn’t interact with the respawn map if they died while their pause menu was open.

If you were experiencing frequent and “random” crashes in GZ during the last couple of updates, we highly encourage you to check back in now!
Please let us know about any persisting crash issues and if possible, include reproduction steps and / or videos and screenshots if you can. It will help us weed out more crashes in the future.
We are dedicated to making Generation Zero a smooth experience for everyone, no matter what platform you’re playing on.

The next step after this hotfix releases on all platforms will be the 60FPS patch for PS5, which is in the pipeline and we’ll have more information about its release very soon. Stay tuned on our social media channels and our Discord server!

Until then,
The Generation Zero Dev Team