I hate bugs with a passion. I hate their little legs, I hate their little pincers and I hate their disgusting little bodies. So let’s just say I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of exploring the bunker we discovered yesterday. But, the group convinced me as we were in desperate need of supplies and answers. “Maybe the shelter would contain both”, they argued.

Well, that’s the last time I listen to them over my gut instinct. It started off ok I suppose. No visible spiders or other creepy crawlies were spotted as we entered, and I actually started to relax a little. Then the team opened one of the doors and out of the darkness several revolting little metal things jumped out at us. My screams could probably be heard for miles.

It was about the size of my head, with an evil looking red eye and sharp legs. The two front ones were like talons, and it proceeded to tear at my face. It managed to nick my cheek before I could dodge it, but once it landed back on the ground I was able to kill it with my pistol. I’m just happy I didn’t miss in my panicked state. Also, I now have a new thing I passionately hate - bugs and whatever the heck that thing was. The shape kind of reminded me of a Tick.