Damn it, I should know better by now. Always expect the unexpected and above all else, never trust the slow machines. There is always something up with them. First it was the gigantic heavily armed and armoured Tank, nearly killing our entire group. Then there was that hovering Seeker that seemed harmless and ended up getting us surrounded by enemies.

This time it was this massive four-legged machine that we stumbled upon in the main square of a village we were passing through. Standing with heavily plated legs on either side of a flipped car, the machine was using what looked like an enormous drill to extract something from the vehicle. We quickly realized it must be a Harvester of some kind, collecting fuel and other resources from its surroundings. In short, a perfect target for an ambush.

Alright, so we were reckless and desperate, but in our defence, we didn’t expect the blasted thing to be armed. As we started trying to wear it down with bullets two things dawned on us - the machine was heavily armoured, and it was able to defend itself. In fact, it slowly turned around and launched rockets at us. Rockets! Needless to say, we hightailed out of there as fast as our legs would carry us. Such a rookie move, we can't afford these kind of mistakes anymore. Always expect the unexpected, and never waste resources on an improvised ambush. Next time, we will come with a battle plan.