January Update - Patch Notes

Hope everyone is enjoying 2020 so far! A big thanks to everyone who was providing feedback over the holiday period - we learned a lot and found several bugs with your help. All of this will help us continue to make the game even better.

January has finally kicked into full gear and we are back in business with another Update. Although this month is light on content, we wanted to make sure we got some bug fixes out to you, especially as some of them were quite annoying and things that you flagged for us.

Additionally, we’ve taken a balance pass on Rivals dropping Experimental Weapons. We’ve seen both from our data and what everyone is saying that we needed to tweak the drop mechanics to be more in line with the rarity/power that Experimental Weapons are meant to portray. To that end we made 3 notable changes:

  1. Reduced the chance of Rivals being generated by Machines killing players and increased the chance for players killing Machines in a region.
  2. Experimental Weapons drop chance should now be correctly tied to Rival level and Machine type. The lowest chance is now a Level 1 Prototype Class Hunter and the highest is a Level 4 Apocalypse Class Tank.
  3. Restricted Experimental Weapons to only drop to players who are level 25 and above.

Primarily we saw that Experimental Weapons were dropping too often, even at lower levels, and it was creating an experience where players would get the best weapons very early on and it would make the game too easy. We want players to still have a chance at getting them and using them, but not so early on that it damages the experience. To be clear though - if you are below level 25 and have an Experimental Weapon, you will still be able to use it. Please let us know your feedback about how these changes feel once you start fighting Rivals after the patch.

But before we get to the bug fixes, a quick note that we’ll be re-running our Holiday Event from 10:00 CET today until 10:00 CET on Monday, February 3rd. We had a lot of new players come in during the holidays that may have missed out so consider this your last chance - be sure to not miss out!

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t reload immediately after exiting a bicycle.
  • It's now possible to reload and sprint at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to attach any ammo or attachment to any weapon.
  • Fixed an issue with aiming-down-sights (ADS) with the 12G Pump-Action that resulted in a black bar appearing on screen when wearing the Worn Flannel Jacket or Elegant Tailcoat.
  • Tweaked the way in which flame damage was applied to Machines.
  • Fixed a rare issue where weapon switching with only 1 main weapon equipped could un-equip the weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where player hair could appear distorted when looking through a scope.
  • Fixed an issue where thrown items would sometimes disappear in mid-air (but still worked appropriately).

  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where sometimes Machine components would remain highlighted after leaving Tech View.
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the counter for Adrenaline Shots could become negative.
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue with the Storage Box incorrectly counting the number of attachments on a weapon against the item space available.
  • [Community Report] Toned down the HUD filter from the Gas Mask.
  • Removed the Gas Mask HUD filter when seeing your character in 3rd person. Ex. While emoting or on a bike.
  • Added tooltips on how to cycle views when using a Vision Module.
  • Fixed an issue where stats may not show on apparel when cycling through variations.
  • Fixed an issue where the bike icon could get stuck on the map and in-world if you tried to spawn a bike multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where both Challenge tree tabs were highlighted when switching between menus.
  • Fixed an issue where a Rival nameplate would disappear if something blocked your line of sight.
  • Fixed an issue with scroll bar behavior in the Collectibles menu.
  • Fixed a few issues with interaction prompts throughout the world.
  • Updated controller mappings to indicate what button was reload.
  • Fixed an issue where the Controls option appeared twice in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where your screen could go mostly white if you used a Medkit while being hit by a flamethrower.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage over time effect would not scale appropriately to your field-of-view setting.

  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the Minken Bunker Mission could not be completed from the Warboard.
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the Skvadern Warboard Mission could become blocked if items were picked up in the wrong order.
  • Fixed some issues with Mission objective counters not properly syncing when going from Multiplayer to Single Player resulting in blocked missions.
  • Updated Missions to auto-complete from your log if all required Mission objectives have been achieved instead of being stuck in your log.
  • Fixed an issue where Flying Objects and The Road to Salthamn could not be completed after finishing all objectives.
  • Fixed an issue where players broken Missions would not be properly fixed if they immediately joined another player’s Multiplayer session after an Update instead of starting their own session first.
  • Fixed an issue where Beyond the Barricade could get blocked for the host if a client picked up a Mission item in the host’s game.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player left the game during The Resistance while in Multiplayer and then started the game in Single Player, the Mission would disappear from the log.
  • Cleaned up some erroneous POIs in a few Missions.

  • Fixed an issue where Challenge progression could be carried over to a new character after deleting all previous old characters.

  • Fixed an issue where from another player’s perspective, a player would still use the holding animation after a flare had been held for the maximum amount of time but had already been dropped.
  • Fixed an issue where the jog animations may not play after sprinting and then running out of stamina.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes your weapon would stay in your hands while emoting.
  • Fixed an issue where players could infinitely revive themselves without any Adrenaline Shots.
  • Fixed a few issues around getting stuck on a bicycle and attempting to dismount.
  • Cleaned up several reload animations that were acting glitchy.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would not respond to the power outage during the Fighting the Cold Mission.

  • Fixed an issue where Machines would continually attack a player's last known position when downed.
  • Fixed an issue where Tanks would attempt to fire their missiles at a player when that player was well outside of the Tank’s weapon range.
  • Fixed an issue where a single destroyed Tick would sometimes count as multiple when playing in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue wherein specific circumstances Machines attacking the hotel would not deal damage.
  • Fixed a few issues with how the Apocalypse Class Hunters’ flamethrower would look from certain angles.
  • Fixed an issue where Tank Cluster Mines were not detonating for client players in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where Tank Cluster Mines would sometimes materialize out of thin air.

  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where dead and alive Machines could disappear when looking away from them and then looking back.
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Ticks would sometimes spawn outside of a house instead of inside.
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where players would not automatically respawn when falling into a lake near the Military Compound and Angerås Church.
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where KVM-89 Squad Automatic Weapon ammo was not dropping on Östertörn (main island).
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where players had trouble picking up the weapon in a small storage room at the Sävered Radar Mast.
  • Fixed plenty of issues regarding floating objects, clipping objects, or inconsistent collision.
  • Fixed issues regarding players accessing/unlocking Safe Houses in Single Player after having entered them, but not unlocked them, in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where swings would sometimes act as if possessed!
  • Fixed an issue where televisions would still be on after the power went out in the hotel.
  • Fixed several instances of loot containers that were unable to be looted.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to continually respawn a Relay Beacon on Himfjäll.
  • Fixed a few instances of Machines spawning and getting stuck inside buildings.

    Localization, Voice-Over, & Audio
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the air raid siren could end up constantly playing.
  • [Community Report] Added translations for the Overdrive firing mode on the Experimental M/46 “Kpist” SMG.
  • Updated various Collectibles & Missions Items to either include or remove text based on their description.
  • Fixed a few issues with subtitle text disappearing too quickly or staying on screen for too long.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistency between Run and Sprint in the Settings menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tutorial flow on PC would mention Left Stick while using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Fixed several punctuation issues.
  • Fixed an issue where several audio logs would show a giant block of text when using subtitles instead of pacing the text out.
  • Fixed an issue with the player heartbeat from sprinting still playing when emoting or getting on a bicycle.
  • Fixed an issue where the Overdrive sound effects from the Experimental M/46 “Kpist” SMG ended too early in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where VO may not be heard during the Ghosts of the Past Mission.
  • Fixed an issue with VO and subtitles overlapping the Credits during the Behind the Curtain Mission.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes audio log VO would reverberate while playing in a bunker.
  • Fixed an issue where player footsteps wouldn’t play while reloading.

  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where players could crash when retrieving the Experimental Klaucke 17 from their Storage Box.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be stuck on the login screen after crashing.
  • Various other crash fixes

    //The Generation Zero team