We've really appreciated all the kind words about our recent Landfall Update, and we’re happy to see everyone was just as excited to battle new machines as we were. There were a couple of things that we saw which ended up going live when we might not have intended it or, just didn't shape up to our expectations. We are always reading as much feedback as we can get our hands on for every release and will continue to do so, but in the meantime, there were a few points we thought needed addressing now:

Weapon Wheel fix - you can now move around while using this feature.

Base Defense - we fixed an issue that would cause shell casings ejecting from players guns to destroy your buildings.

Daily Assignments - should now be live again.

Weekly Assignments - These are now live for all to enjoy! Go check your FMTEL stations.

The Weapon Wheel had mixed feedback as we’ve seen, and for good reason. For console players, it resulted in a sub-par experience for those trying to utilize the new feature in combat, as you had to stand in place when switching to another slot. We’ve switched the input to the right stick (on controllers) for wheel selection, freeing up traversal at the same time.

Base Defense had some quirks that were originally perplexing to discover. Players were reporting quick destruction of their newly built walls, which was never intended. We quickly identified the issue to be a physics related one. Whenever a shell casing would land on a built structure, it was somehow tagged to cause damage on impact. This should no longer occur.

Daily assignments will now be available again. These were temporarily offline due to incorrect content keys going out with the Landfall update, which caused issues communicating with Apex Connect servers. For players, this would have resulted in various issues: not receiving loot for assignments, assignments not counting correctly, etc. These should not occur anymore, and since there are many categories of assignments, we’ll be keeping a close eye if there are any further issues being reported.

Weekly Assignments - somewhat related to the daily assignments, this new category will have longer term goals for you and your fellow resistance fighters. For those of you that love to chase longer term goals, you can find them in the same place you do with your other assignments!

We will continue to monitor the release after this hotfix, and keep an eye on how well these solutions are working. In the meantime, we’re also moving forward through the roadmap on some fresh features for you all!

-The Generation Zero Team