Generation Zero is now officially live and we're excited to see your initial reactions trickling in. There are a few things that we noticed popping up after our Day 1 patch and we want you to know that we are aware of them and the team is already hard at work getting fixes for these known issues.


  • When joining someone else's game, mission progress can become blocked when going back to your own solo game | Hotfix expected for March 26th
  • [RARE] Players cannot see each other in multiplayer games | Solution is to rejoin the game
  • Exiting and respawning in a bunker Safe House that requires power to open will lock the doors again | Solution is to fast travel elsewhere and then back to the bunker
  • Players are unable to complete locations "Yttervik" and "Iboholmen Church" due to the last "loot" not existing


  • Revive icon sticks around in MP if a player revives themselves
  • [RARE] There is no interaction prompt on a downed character
  • Primary / Secondary weapons that require 2 item slots in inventory actually require 3 slots if ammo is already equipped, meaning players may not be able to pick up items even it if looks like they have space for it
  • Interact prompts can get stuck on screen | Solution is to interact with something else


  • "Track Another Castle" mission cannot be completed as it gets stuck on the "Defeat any remaining machines to Reclaim the Bunker" 8/9 | Workaround is to restart the game client
  • "The Hunter" World mission cannot be completed as it will not update after finding the Hunter's house step | Workaround is to restart the game client
  • "Science of Deduction" mission has the wrong point of interest icon on the map and instead says "Back on Track"


  • Combat "Armor Damage" Skill isn't providing its benefit properly
  • "Steady Feet" Skill isn't providing its benefit properly
  • "Make 'em Count" Skill isn't clearly defined and actually applies to single fire mode for Assault Rifles and SMGs, not handguns or rifles

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