Welcome to the first part of our new blog series where we explain the backgrounds of each of the starting “stereotypes” you can choose from when you create a character in Generation Zero.

First of all, what’s a stereotype? That’s what we call the pre-made basic character styles you can select from when you start a new game of Generation Zero. Think of a stereotype as those typical character styles/sub-cultures you found represented in media during the 80’s, such as punks, metalheads, jocks, hip-hop kids and many many more. The 80’s sure had a lot of different styles going for it (perhaps some best left forgotten...neon-green leg-warmers, we’re looking at you!).

So, first up for today’s entry: The “Hip-Hopper”

Hip-hop culture first made its presence known in Swedish culture during the early 80’s, echoing the popularity the genre had found in the U.S. and the rest of the world. The first Swedish artists were in fact rapping in English, and it wasn’t until 1989 when the first “real” Swedish rap song “Jag Är Def” was released by MC Tim.

Which then of course lead to other “less successful” interpretations of hip-hop styles. How about with a dash of Swedish folk culture?

Hip-hop culture in Sweden wasn’t of course just about the songs, it also introduced DJing/scratching as a discipline, graffiti culture, and new hip-hop dance styles, and then of course, the clothing! It’s this aspect that’s the defining feature for how our stereotypes are reflected in Generation Zero.

Hip-hopper style items in Generation Zero consist of exactly what you’d expect from 1980’s hip-hop fashion. Chunky gold chains and watches, sports-clothing, sneakers, bold colours and baseball caps. Initially when you create a character using the Hip-Hopper stereotype you’ll see some of these represented by default, but there’s of course plenty more to discover and help you tailor your look further as you progress through the game. Maybe you decide halfway through that you’d really rather look like a punk? That’s ok too! The stereotype is really just a base template for you to use, after that you can go wild with your own choices to make just the character you want to see.