Welcome again to another weekly check-in. Last week we gave you a little advance preview of just a handful of the bugs we are fixing in our upcoming patch (as of now it looks to be around 200 fixes and improvements!); and today we are pleased to announce that we have a more concrete idea of when we can expect that patch to land.

As of now, and subject to further testing, we are aiming for our first major bug-fixing patch to arrive next week.

We are very thankful for your patience up until now, and sorry we were not able to communicate a clearer ETA earlier. We didn’t want to risk breaking trust by calling out a date, and then potentially miss it due to one of the many potential road-blocks that can happen during game development. We are as of today pretty confident in saying that next week we should be addressing many, many community-reported issues!

Although the upcoming patch is mostly targeting bug-related issues we were able to do some smaller adjustments. We say “smaller” in terms of development needed for us to implement them, they should have a big impact on how you experience the game.

After the update you can expect to see that reviving now feels a lot more meaningful. Adrenaline Shot items now consume on use (as was originally intended), and you’ll need to use one each time you resurrect a team-mate or yourself. Additionally the droprate of these items has been lowered somewhat.

The second change consists of many smaller improvements to the way machines work, they should start to feel more challenging post-patch.

Again, this patch is primarily focused on bug-fixing, so we aren’t by any means “done” with adjustments and tuning, expect a steady flow of improvements as we continue live development.

Short, sweet, and hopefully good news for many of you this week. Please note that next week there will not be an update like this due to public holidays, but by that time you should all be busy enjoying the new update anway!

Have a great weekend!

//The Generation Zero Team