With the release of the Base Assault Update, there are more places to ransac FNIX for supplies or defend resistance bases. At least that was our main intent: to offer more activities in-game for all to enjoy!

Unfortunately, the update also came with a bug that we could not find in our battery of testing we did before release. We saw some early signs after the initial release that there was a growing problem, but it took some time to confirm and identify the issue.

This is currently causing many people (upwards of 40% of users) who are engaging with combat/base assault/base defense to only be able to get one base to spawn. After which, nothing spawns on the map regardless of how high a player pushes the region score.

From what we’ve seen thus far, depending on individual players’ timing, it can cause the game to potentially be saved in an incorrect state. This causes further issues with the logic behind the generation of new FNIX bases, and Base Defense triggers.

We have a potential fix that needs to go through more testing before we can release it to everyone, but we can confirm a hotfix is coming for this. As always we are very grateful for the community reports flagging this, and the patience you’ve all shown during this period.

Due to the nature of the bug, the steps/rate it is possible to reproduce it, and the publishing cycle to get a fix to consoles, we will have to release the hotfix on Steam first and follow up with Xbox/Playstation just after. Once we have confirmed fixes we can update everyone with more precise dates.

We’re looking forward to getting Base Assault back online for everyone to enjoy soon! In the meantime, for anyone continuing to experience this issue, any additional information or save files can always help us find the problem, as well as the solution so please don't hesitate to contact our support here.

-The Generation Zero Team