Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there!

We’re in the midst of wrapping up our work on the February Update and we wanted to give you a little taste of what to expect. We’ll let you know a date as we get closer, but for now we hope these tidbits will suffice.

Firstly, let’s talk about crashes. As you saw shortly after the January Update, we released a PC hotfix to clamp down on crashes that were more prevalent on that platform and were causing headaches for everyone. Today, we’re happy to say that those PC fixes will be coming to consoles as well. While they won’t have the same impact, seeing as the issues were more common on PC, they will still help with stability. Speaking of the consoles, we also identified and fixed a PS4 specific crash that was causing a lot of the ones you reported.

There will also be other fixes in the update, but since crashes are more impactful to everyone’s experience, we wanted to make sure to start off our letter discussing them. To be clear though, this doesn’t mean we’ve fixed all crashes or that we’re done trying to stomp them out, just that we’re continuing to focus on this area. As always, your feedback and bug reports help us get these under control!

So, while we are on the topic of things being in the game that we don’t want there, let’s talk about some of the odd things you’ve seen appear in-game after the last Update. Some keen eyed observers have noticed that various props have started showing up at previously explored areas or behind some doors. Just like with any game that is constantly being worked on, things that are work-in-progress can sometimes slip through our checks unexpectedly. Sometimes these things are ideas we’re testing out or us setting the stage for something later. Because we don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone, we won’t comment on what you’re seeing, but would rather remove it so as to not cause confusion if we decide to pursue a different route. That’s kind of our way of saying, don’t read too much into anything - things can and do change during development!

We hope you have a great day with loved ones or friends; be it over a nice dinner or blowing up some machines together - either way, take care until next time!

The Generation Zero Team