Happy Friday everyone!

We hope that you have had the time to try out the latest update and all the good stuff that came with it. The feedback that you’ve sent in so far about the update and the newly introduced Assignments has been great, and we are now looking into potential tweaks and fixes to the issues you have reported! Based on what you’ve shared we feel confident in where we are currently focusing our efforts on for the future updates.

Speaking of the future, if you saw the latest Generation Zero live stream you might remember that our new Product Owner, Zach, made a quick appearance. One of the topics that was brought up during his appearance was that the team was about to start sharing some behind the scenes insights into the work and future of Generation Zero. The proposed format was a new recurring format that would show the players what the team is working on and on what track the game is following. Sounds like a cool idea, right? Well, that’s what we will do!

However, before we start sharing these, it's important to remember that things change in game development. A weapon that was ready to get introduced might get removed or a new mission just about to be tested might be pushed to another update. That is reality, and just because we share something here that we're working on, does not mean it’s 100% guaranteed that it will make it into the game. With that said, our ambition to make sure it does!

So, let's get this started! First out, the N79 Grenade launcher. This is an early concept that our Lead Artist Oscar created to outline the looks of this new thumping weapon.

Next, something that we think you're all very excited to see. The Molotov cocktail - A new throwable weapon with a spark!

The animation above is an early concept from our awesome animator, Charlotte, and shows a potential animation of the weapon. When and if these new weapons will be introduced is not yet clear, but we'd suggest that you'd keep an eye out on our social media channels for all the latest Generation Zero news!

-The Generation Zero Team