Happy Friday everyone, it’s time for another update from us to you!

We hope you’re all enjoying the latest additions to Generation Zero in our update that dropped a few days ago. The team had a ton of fun bringing a little taste of home to all of you out there via the Semla event, and early feedback points towards this sparking joy with all of you! And the musical instruments from the Alpine Unrest Challenges seem to be a hit as well - we’ve seen some great photos and videos so far that are making us smile for sure.

Now that the update is out there, we’re going into feedback mode where we’re watching and listening to your comments so that we know what to adjust going forward. So please, do keep that feedback coming!

As we glance into the future plans for the game, we’re looking back to some of the feedback we received a while ago. There are a lot of things that you all have suggested to us over time, including some standout areas we know we need to do something about. Some of them were fixes or features we were able to quickly jump on (ex. Storage), but others were things that would take a lot of time/effort to implement on our part. In the coming weeks, you’ll start to hear more from us about the areas we’re digging into that will help us flesh out the game even more.

These changes are exciting and took some time for us to bring together, but we think they’ll really help make a difference to the overall experience. So, with that little teaser - stay tuned for more!

The Generation Zero Team