Hello again everyone!

Already one month down in 2020 but plenty more to go. Earlier this week we pushed out an Update to squish some bugs, and to re-launch the Winter Event we ran so more people could have a shot at getting some fancy outfits for their characters. As we mentioned in those Patch Notes, it wasn’t a large update for us as we’re just back from the holidays. But during the month, and into February, we’ll be working on some new stuff that we’ll talk about later as well as, of course, focusing on yet more bug-fixing.

Speaking of, after our most recent patch we saw a bit of extra pickup around performance issues with the game (ie. crashes). Given what you’re telling us and the new info we’re seeing in our crash reporting, we are putting yet more resources into finding, and then fixing, these types of problems. There has already been some headway into this area for upcoming updates, but some issues may take a bit longer to sort through and fix.

That aside, we’re glad to see many of you are enjoying the continual fixes we are pushing out - particularly Mission updates. These are important to us so we’ll keep on tracking your feedback, our data, and our testing to make sure we can catch and fix these as soon as they pop up!

So, that’s January down - and thanks for being with us! Look forward to more from us in this space like always. See you next time!

The Generation Zero Team