Hello again everybody! Time for another update and we’ll be talking about our progress with FNIX Rising on consoles.

Since we last spoke we’ve made a lot of progress - specifically, we are down to a handful of issues that are continuing to prove difficult. And by difficult, I mean that we think we addressed the issues, then we test them more, and it turns out that they still aren’t 100% sorted. Working-from-home has made the testing slower than we’d like, but it’s an important step to get right so we will keep going back and forth until it clicks into place.

That said, while we’re still fighting those last few issues, we can safely say that we have confirmed fixes for the other bunch of issues that we were facing when we originally announced the delay. Progress has been slow, but it’s still progress! With us getting closer, we’re narrowing down the window for the update little by little, and currently we see no risk of further slippage - and can instead feel confident that August will stick.

Again we appreciate your patience and understanding during this period. Remember that you can check our channels to find out more if something major pops up before our next letter. Thank you!

The Generation Zero Team