Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve been off our usual schedule with our Dev Letters due to holidays and a lot of focus on solving the issues on the Xbox platform for the Resistance Update. To briefly touch on that topic, we, unfortunately, do not have any news of an adjusted release date for it just yet. We are still sorting through all the fixes, testing, and iterating. We should have a better view of our next submission date next week though!

Onto broader reaching, more positive topics! This one we’re pretty excited to talk about, too, as it’s been another long-requested change for Generation Zero. It is something that has been contained for a while and perhaps could use a bit of an expansion. Pushing poor puns aside, it should make way for more room in everyone’s Plundra!

That’s right! We’re finally making space for all the weapons you’ve been collecting and all the extras that have been dropped into the game since launch. It won't be an instant upgrade, as you will have to put some effort into expanding your storage space through multiple tiers to find the right size for your arsenal. This will utilize some of those materials you’ve been collecting since crafting dropped into the world of Östertörn.

It doesn't stop with the Plundra either; the Recycling bench is also getting the same update. You will have to craft the expansions in a separate line than the Plundra, though. Here’s a sneak peek of how it is likely to scale (values can be subject to adjustment for balancing purposes):

When is this making it into an update? Well, we don't have an exact date just yet, but it's nearly ready and will make it into the following update once all platforms are at parity. What we can say is that we are targeting the most immediate update post-summer.

We hope you’re all as excited about this upcoming feature as we are! As usual, we will be keeping an eye on all our channels to listen to any feedback on these topics. Have a great weekend everyone!

-The Generation Zero Team