Hello everyone!

Generation Zero is now just over 3 months old and we recently introduced Bikes to the game in our update from last week. As Sweden starts to head into the vacation months, we want to keep you updated as to where things stand with the game.

In the June Update, our focus was to fix issues players were having with Main Missions when they were stuck in a blocked state. Our rework of the system sorted out most of those problems, with a few exceptions. While we work to fix any that slipped through, we’re also working on applying the same approach to the Side Missions. When that happens, all Missions will be a part of the new system and will work much more smoothly than before - meaning less problems for you all going forward!

So about adding Bikes - this was one of the bigger requests we heard from fans and something we were very excited to work on! This was a passion feature for the team and is something that almost every team member had worked on to get it into the game. So far we’re pleased to see what fans are saying about it and can’t wait to see some of the crazier antics the community can come up with!

During the lead up to launch, as well as post-launch, we’ve talked about how Generation Zero would have a mix of free and paid content. Earlier this week we released the Schweet Vanity Pack as our first paid item and have been listening to feedback as it’s rolled in. Since this is our first time trying cosmetic DLC, we’re looking at all angles of this release so we can learn as much as possible and apply it to how we approach items in the future.

Now let’s switch gears to the future. Alongside the updates to the Mission system, we’ll be starting to put more time and effort into introducing brand new things in the game! Consider Bikes as the start of what we’d like to do when it comes to new features / content. As the game lives on we intend to keep improving the experience both by addressing feedback you’ve provided (ex. the World and Machines) and layering in new stuff to keep the game fresh. We’ll get into specifics as we get closer to an update. But know that we are paying attention to what you’re requesting via our forums, social channels, or our surveys, and review those alongside things that we think will improve the overall experience.

That’s all for now, but just like always, please keep the feedback coming! Thank you and enjoy the start of summer!

//The Generation Zero Team