Welcome everyone - especially those of you just joining us for the first time!

Let’s cut right to it - we overdid it with our recent update to AI behavior. When combined with some bugs in those changes, it resulted in gameplay that was much more difficult than we expected. We wanted Machines to be smarter and more responsive in combat, but our combination of the above created some unintended consequences. As you can imagine we’ve been digging through your feedback, looking at what feels off, as well as fixing bugs so that we can get things more in line with our original intent.

We’re also taking a pass at some QoL improvements to the inventory and crafting menus that should make things clearer when using them. Other UI updates include some adjustments to how the HUD presents information, to make it easier to understand. These tweaks were made based on your feedback and we’ll share more concrete details in the future. Not everything will be addressed, but we still want to keep improving over time.

There will be more news to share in the coming weeks, but that’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

The Generation Zero Team