Hi everyone,

Today will be a slightly shorter update as right now we’re continuing to work on our improvement areas and general bug-fixing. As mentioned in our May 3rd update, our focus for this month is improving the experience in the opening part of the game in an effort to create a more immersive introduction to the world.

Next week, however, is where the fun really begins again! We’ll go a bit more in-depth about some of the changes and improvements coming in our May Update. Be sure to tune in to our stream on Wednesday (16:00 CEST at twitch.tv/generationzerogame) where we’ll give you a first look at some of the changes that’ll be coming, as well as a chance to chat with Lead Game Designer, Björn Öljert!

Please don’t forget to make your feelings known about where you’d like to see Generation Zero move in the future, our Community Survey is still open! You can include your thoughts and feedback about future improvements and additions to the game here.

Short and sweet today, but look for more news next week both on the stream and social media/our forums.

Have a great weekend!

//The Generation Zero Team