Happy fall, everybody! For many of you, the weather is starting to look a bit more like it does in Östertörn. And for a fair amount of the team here, this is our favorite time of year!

But let’s talk about how things are going in-game after our latest update from last week.

We’re delighted with the reactions we’re seeing! The additions we’ve made to Crafting seem to have delighted lots of people as it alleviates a bit of the hunt for those specific items - providing more control over your path through the game by putting options in your hands. Of course, if there are more things you’d like to see us do with the Crafting system, do let us know!

When it comes to the Reaper - oh wow, plenty of excitement there from all of you! We love seeing the videos and images you’re sharing of fighting and besting this formidable new Rival. Impressive work for those of you who jumped on it first thing and took it down in the early few days after the update went out. It’s always a sight to see how quickly players can find ways to take on the challenges in front of them.

And while we squashed some bugs, we are aware that our job is never done on this front, so we’re continuing to look into your reports. We’re tracking some new issues that have cropped up, like some around Rival spawning, and we’re always looking at older ones that are still causing headaches in game.

Thanks again for all of your enthusiasm around this latest update - and do let us know what is working well and what isn’t so we can keep improving the game for you!

Take care out there, and enjoy your weekend!

The Generation Zero team