Hello and welcome to another update, everyone!

Alright, jumping in.

We missed some crashes with our Xbox Hotfix. When we tested it, there were some very low reproductions of a very particular instance that we saw - but nothing like what is being reported.

Since then, we’ve seen the reported crash reports come in and tried some new tests alongside some of our more recent work on the PS4 side (to fix the outstanding multiplayer issues we’re having) and saw the cause of the issue. Oddly, this difference in versions between the Xbox and PS4 helped us find the issue.

We had done a whole host of new updates on PS4 that were working there, and when we started poking around in the ways Xbox players were mentioning, we saw it start to happen way more commonly in our in-development PS4 build. Then, we found a key bit of info there that we could reliably use to start reproducing the issue with 100% accuracy. We had found the problem!

Unfortunately, when we thought we had a fix ready to go earlier this week, as we were doing our release testing, we started to see new issues start to happen. And digging into those we saw that the bug we squashed was actually just one head of a multi-headed hydra of bugs that were lurking in the shadows. Basically the fix caused more issues than it solved. So we’ve had to undo it and start over again. Sometimes that’s how things go.

The good news is, that we’ve been able to sort out most of the PS4 related issues we were having earlier which means we’re a little bit closer to FNIX Rising on PS4. Our goal is to fix the few remaining issues we now see both in the live Xbox version and the unreleased PS4 version and get them in your hands ASAP.

We’ll continue to update you as we have been across our social channels, our live streams, and here in these updates. You’ll hear more from us next week as things progress.

Thanks to you all and have a great weekend!

The Generation Zero team