Hello hello hello!

Update time! We have two urgent things to talk about, one on each console, so let’s get to it.

For our PS4 fans out there - Our excitement last letter was a bit premature. We ended up running into more challenges after we jumped what we thought was the last hurdle to stabilizing a build. Just like we mentioned last time, ups and downs with this set of issues. So this time around we’ll be a bit more muted in our optimism, but we are making steady progress. Still no ETA sadly, but we’re dedicated to making this update as stable as possible!

On the Xbox front, we’ve made some serious progress with the issues players are having at game startup. For ongoing information, you can check here!

The short version is we’ve discovered what the issue was and think we have a preliminary fix. We’re currently testing this as much as we can to make sure we got it right so that players aren’t losing any of their save data. Things are looking good, but we aim to be thorough.

That’s all from us this outing. We’re heads down on these issues, doing our best, and going as fast as our small team can.

Thank you as always and we’ll talk again soon!

The Generation Zero team