Hi there folks!

Our next update is coming to you very soon and with it we’re introducing the new Challenge system! With Challenges, we aim to provide you with additional goals in the game that reward you for your time.

So - what exactly are the Challenges? For its first iteration, the Challenges will be split up into two types that tap into different aspects of the game. “Truth” challenges will reward you for completing both Main and Side Missions. “Resistance” challenges will center around your ability to destroy the swarms of Machines roaming Östertörn.

And those rewards we mentioned? A mix of some amazing new outfit pieces as well as a brand new feature - Titles! Different accomplishments will grant you unique titles, which you can use to celebrate your victories. Did you kill a whole bunch of ticks and become “The Eradicator of Parasites”? If so, now everyone knows it! On top of that we’re introducing Prestige Points so you can brag to friends about how many overall challenges you’ve completed.

These Challenges are the start of something we can continue to expand on over time and can adapt based on your feedback. We hope you enjoyed this quick preview of what’s to come and we’re excited to hear what you have to say once you get your hands on the update next week.

Thanks and talk soon!

//The Generation Zero Team