Hello everybody!

Just over a week ago we updated the game to include Storage for all of you to dump your hard-earned loot into, and we’ve heard that you’re enjoying it!

That said, there are a few things we should clear up and call out based on your feedback.

  • Some of you have noticed that the inventory counter can go over the 100 limit which is confusing - this is a display bug in the UI. Weapons with attachments currently count all items attached rather than just the spots that the weapon would take.

    Example: An Automatgevär 4 with a Red Dot scope and a Silencer only counts as 2 spaces because the weapon itself normally takes up 2 spaces in your inventory. Right now it incorrectly displays as 4 items in the Storage.

  • We’ve heard you ask for more Storage space and that’s something that we’ll continue to monitor in terms of feedback and player data. We want to make sure you have the flexibility, but aren’t amassing an overwhelming amount of things that make the game too easy.

  • There’s also been the question of being able to rearrange your inventory while you have Storage open and that is something we agree with. Right now, while we understand it can be a little fussy, we feel there are other areas we should concentrate on which would have a bigger impact on the overall game experience. We do, however, plan to revisit inventory management in the future.

    As for what’s upcoming, we have our eye on providing you with more things to do in the game. For a while now we’ve heard that you are looking for other ways to stay engaged with the game and we’ve been looking into ways that we can deliver that to you. Since we’re a small team we’ll start out by introducing things slowly and grow them over time - but we’ll have something for you to check out soon.

Short one this week. But we’ll talk again before our next update and will have more detail for you then. As always, keep letting us know what you’re looking for so we can keep improving.

Thank you!

The Generation Zero Team