Happy Friday, Survivors!

This is the second of our new series of community update newsletters that are now officially named Resistance Report! Trademark pending.
They’re intended to provide you with some information about what we’re working on and how we’re progressing. If you missed the first one, you can check it out here. I’m Carni, Community Manager for GZ and I’ll be taking you through some points today!
Let’s get into it, shall we?

60FPS on PS5

As many of you have surely seen on our 2023 Roadmap, we’re currently working on getting Generation Zero to a stable 60FPS on Playstation. We’ve also mentioned that this would be a challenge with many layers and hurdles, and those are starting to come to light now.

In short, we’re not going to release all the improvements necessary to achieve this in 2023.

The initial deadline was already rather tight with the other content we’re developing for GZ, and it has turned out not to be viable. We would have loved to bring this much-requested feature to you in 2023, but we need to consider our Developers’ work balance first.
Regardless, we’re putting a lot of effort into this and are working to have it ready as soon as possible.

Halloween Event 2023

The Halloween Event is back!
Between October 21st and November 5th, you’ll once again be able to earn four spooky clothing sets to scare your friends with.
They drop from all Machines you exorcise (except for the Seeker, poor fella doesn’t get any swag to carry) and will of course be unlocked permanently once you get them.
This is the perfect opportunity for our new players (looking at you, Playstation Plus members!) to get their fashion game up to par!
As for our Veterans: We hear that you’d like new clothing sets to obtain and are working on some new apparel items for you to earn in 2024. Until then, feel free to complete your Halloween style collections.
I look forward to seeing your boo-tiful outfits all over our social media and will show the best ones to the Dev Team to admire!

Checking in on the next update

Everything is on track for it so far. We don’t have a date for it yet, but development is going well and soon, I’ll be able to tell you more about what’s in it.
In the meantime, let me give you some advice I’ve given to the people who join my weekly live streams (subtle plug, I know):
Those weapons you don’t need? I’d keep them in my storage box for now, if I were you. They might come in handy later.

Speaking of storage boxes: we’re aware of the fact that many players have run out of storage space again and are asking for the ability to upgrade their plundra further. We want to enable you to do this, but it requires more research into balancing and performance. We appreciate your patience!

Thanks for reading this first official Resistance Report!
As always, if there is anything you’d like me to discuss or mention in future reports, please let me know.