Happy Friday, Survivors!

I’m sorry for missing the last Resistance Report, things were getting hectic preparing for the Guerrilla Research Update (and some other things you’ll find out about soon, wink) and I didn’t end up having time to write it. But fret not, the planned biweekly cadence for these letters remains unchanged!

First off, let’s have a look back at the update. It introduced Weapon Augmenting, which is one of the best features added to GZ since release, in my humble opinion. For those of you who are out of the loop: Weapon Augmenting has you complete gameplay challenges in order to unlock Augmentation Designs which you can apply to your 2-5C weapons to make them stronger and more fun to play with. My personal favorite is Trick Shot Master, which has you taking out Machines while in the air (AKA either jumping or falling off somewhere). It can then be applied to a shotgun or melee weapon and increases both damage and accuracy significantly - but only while you’re in mid air. This design has me bunnyhopping around the battlefield like a madman and probably adds some extra mental confusion to my attacks. No notes.

From what we’ve seen across our social media channels, you seem to love augmenting your weapons as much as I do and I’m so happy about that. There seems to be some confusion about them, though, so let me shed some light: the weapon parts you need for augmentation can be gained by recycling weapons at the recycling station. The higher the quality of your weapon, the more weapon parts you receive. I’d also like to reiterate that experimental weapons can not be augmented. We decided this because we don’t know the effect that combining two augmentation powers with the existing perks of an experimental might have. If the current iteration of this feature behaves as expected, we might consider extending the functionality to 6C weapons, but currently it’s not on our roadmap.

The update also added three new Procedural Missions, the first of which is already active now. It’s called “Resistance Radio Maintenance” and has you keeping up important Resistance infrastructure. If you haven’t played it yet, fire up your game and give it a go!
We made these new Procedural Missions with two goals in mind: to make them longer and more rewarding. They should take you 10-15 minutes to complete and award you with more goodies at the end. Please let us know if the rewards feel adequate to you and if there’s anything we can improve about these missions!

Of course, when you release a lot of new content for a piece of software that has existed for 5 years, there is always a chance of something breaking in the process. In this case, we’ve heard lots of reports of the inventory not working properly. Between elements that stick to your cursor and previously looted items displaying over others, it has been a bit of a headache to you. We hear this and a fix is already underway. Unfortunately, a hotfix is not feasible because we have a major update in the works that will be released soon and shifting those timelines would do more damage in the long run. That being said, the fix will be in this next update, so you won’t have to wait too long!

Speaking of bug fixes: while we improved tabbed out performance on PC, we’re quite aware that there are still performance and crash related issues around. The next few releases will have a lot of focus on making the game run smoother and with increased stability. It’s not only important to us that we release quality, enjoyable new features, but also that you get to play and enjoy them in the way we intended. We wish we could just fix “the crash issue”, but the reality is that there are a thousand different reasons for a game to forcibly close and we’re doing our best to keep them at a minimum, but some bigger issues still slip through the net sometimes. We hope that these upcoming updates will improve your ability to play for as long as you want, alone or with friends. We love seeing you enjoy Generation Zero and sharing your love for the game!

For the content creators among you, we have something special lined up. DareDrop is a platform where developers can post gameplay challenges in their game and creators can complete those challenges and earn some sweet rewards for them and their communities in the process. We think this is an amazing opportunity for us to show off what a great and nuanced experience GZ can be. Of course it’s also the perfect time for you to record or stream a game you love and earn some cool stuff! Dares include easter egg hunts, speedruns , and complex kill conditions, so there’s something for everyone.
The campaign starts in four days, on the 14th of November, and lasts until December 12th.
You can check out the campaign and get started here:

Thank you for reading this Resistance Report and I hope you’ll return for the next one!
In the meantime, please join our Discord Server for the best direct communication with me and some of the other Devs and let us know what you think about the Guerrilla Research Update (Please don’t ping us, though, we get startled easily).

Uf wiederluege,
Community Manager
(PS; That was Swiss German for “See you”, and yes, that’s a staple for these letters now)