Happy Friday, Survivors!

The cat is finally out of the bag: We’re collaborating with Makeship to release a Generation Zero themed plushie for a limited time. I’ve seen this requested many times over the years and before I worked at Avalanche, I myself might have snuck in some requests for a little Machine friend to have at home.
After months of careful planning and multiple design iterations, here’s what the Tick Plushie will look like:

Isn’t it absolutely adorable? Here’s how this campaign is going to work:
Between December 1st and 24th, 2023, you’ll be able to order your very own plush from the Makeship website. They cost $29,99 each. If more than 200 are ordered during that period, they will be produced and shipped early next year. This means that Makeship will produce as many as you order, meaning there are no stock limits!
Seeing the initial response after we announced the plushie on social media and discord, I am confident that we’ll be able to reach the goal and get these little fellas shipped out to you all (and me, of course).
I’d like to note at this point that this is purely a marketing campaign, meaning no development time that would have otherwise gone towards bug fixes has been spent on it. The only one that has gotten distracted by obsessing over a piece of felt the size of an american football is your Community Manager, and you don’t want me doing any coding on the game anyway.

Shifts in the timeline

The 60FPS patch for Playstation has been moved to early 2024. We’ve announced this before, but the fact that this is still very much being worked on and will be released ASAP bears repeating. Thanks to all the helpful community members who have been helping us spread the word to those who haven’t heard it yet! You get a virtual cookie for being awesome.

I also want to talk about the skills revamp, which we added to the 2023 Roadmap. Unfortunately, there have been some more adjustments and this feature has been suspended for the time being. The reason for this is that we noticed that there are other systems we have to work on or get a grasp of before we can get started on reworking skills. We currently don’t have a timeline for when the feature will be released, but know that we’re still planning on doing it. The way skills work hasn’t kept up very well with the updates we’ve put out thus far and we’re aware of that. We appreciate your continuous feedback around the things we can improve!

Some reminders

Let’s quickly go over some reminders of announcements you might have missed (No biggie, our Discord Server is always there to help out with missing information).
First off, the next update is underway and we’ll start teasing what’s in it very soon. Notable bug fixes include the inventory “last item” bug and the “tap to refuel” bug. We’ve also addressed a number of crash issues, especially related to vehicles, with more fixes to come in future updates!

The GZ DareDrop campaign is still active for content creators to do fun challenges and earn rewards. Sign up and get your loot now!

Lastly, the Steam Autumn Sale is still underway. You have until November 28th to secure some of the best deals on the GZ base game and its DLCs to date:

  • Both story DLCs as well as US and Soviet Weapons are 65% off.
  • Motorbikes are 37% off
  • Even Companion Accessories are reduced by 20%
  • At 80% off, now’s the perfect time to get your friends into the game at the price of, like, a bagel. One of those fancy ones with more toppings than you can fit in your mouth at the same time.

Good times! Here's a link for you to click on if you wanna check it out right away: Away we go!

As always, thanks for reading this edition of the Resistance Report and I’ll talk to you in two weeks. Today’s Swiss German word is “Chuchichästli”, or kitchen cupboard. The Germans never tire of asking us to say this and they find it hilarious.

Bye for now,
Community Manager