Greetings, Survivors!
Sorry for not writing one of these in a while, things are chaotic (as always) and I am super busy (also as always). I know I originally intended the Resistance Report to be released every two weeks, and I’ll do my best to get back to that cadence.

We’re hard at work developing the next update. There is already a lot of theory spinning about what its major feature is, which I really enjoy reading!
It’s not time to reveal what exactly we’ve got in store yet, but if you follow us on social media and join our Discord server you too can obsess over everything we post. It is highly recommended, we try to read through all your interactions. And yes, I can confirm that some of our recent messages on there were indeed teasers for the next update. Happy theory crafting!

Help us find bugs related to the latest performance improvements

In parallel to the new update, we’re working on some pretty in-depth performance optimization. During in-house testing, we’ve found some surprising effects in bugs appearing with certain PC specs. That is why we’ve released a public test branch to gather as much data as we can on issues connected to these improvements.
But in order for this to work, we need your help!

If you’d like to help us test this iteration, here’s how:

  • Right click GZ in your Steam library
  • Go to Properties -> Betas
  • Enter code qZvOkNujkd1VlKf
  • Download the patch and start playing!

If you want to import your savefile:

  • Head to Documents -> Avalanche Studio -> Generation Zero -> Saves -> (Your Steam ID)
  • Copy the file called savegame
  • Head back to the Saves folder
  • Go into experimental_gz_test -> (Your Steam ID) and paste the savegame file. This folder is created after starting the game once.
  • Do NOT move the file, copy it!

After that, please report any bugs you find in the dedicated channel on our Discord server or in the thread on our Forums! We appreciate any help making this round of performance fixes as smooth as possible.

Tick Plushies have arrived!

I’d like to reiterate my thanks to everyone who ordered a Tick Plushie when they were on sale back in December. It was heartwarming to see that it had such a positive reception. Unless they’re stuck in traffic, they should all be safe in the hands of their new owners now.
Lots of you have sent us pictures of their new plushies via Twitter or Discord, we love to see it! Please keep doing that and telling us what you named yours.


That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading the Resistance Report!
The Swiss German word of the day is “grüezi”. It’s the formal version of “hello”! Make sure to pronounce the “e”, don’t say “grützi”. Looking at you, Germans. We always like hearing grüezi, especially when passing someone in a forest or on a mountain (in those situations it’s often shortened to just ‘zi).

See ya!
Carni, Community Manager