Greetings, Survivors!

The September Update is almost here, dropping tomorrow, on the fifth of September at 10AM CEST and bringing you a substantial amount of bug fixes.
If you’ve seen our Road Map, you know that we have some amazing content lined up for the rest of this year, which is why we’re reserving this release for bug fixes to make sure we’re ready for what’s to come.

While we’re hard at work preparing upcoming content, we didn’t want to wait with these fixes, especially since a lot of them were issues you reported to us after the Companion update and we wanted to let you play with the Companion to its full capacity before we add more content on top of it!

It’s not just one of the most anticipated and requested features from the Community, but also one of those we’ve been most looking forward to releasing, so we’re making sure to do it justice.
We hope you enjoy these bug fixes and look forward to the next update as much as we do!

Until then, remember the rules of survival: Destroy, dismantle, and rebuild!
The Generation Zero Dev Team

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Companion item could be dropped by pressing R
  • Fixed an issue with Companion targeting, where rocket launcher projectiles would continue to target a destroyed enemy, instead of retargeting a new one
  • Fixed an issue where the Companion would react to flares and fireworks by attacking them instead of attacking an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where 'Repair Companion' button failed to grey out after using the Repair Kit in the Companion Workbench
  • Fixed an issue where a client’s Companion might end up invisible to the host
  • Fixed an issue where Companion could remain stuck in the Pet the Dog emote animation, if players interrupted it with any other emote
  • Fixed an issue where the Companion could go out of bounds or clip through geometry when performing the Pet the Dog emote
  • Fixed an issue where performing the Pet the Dog emote could catapult players into the air or cause them to fall through geometry
  • Fixed an issue where item quality was not shown for items in the Companion inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the Companion could be picked up while performing emotes
  • Fixed an issue with missing sound effects in the Companion Workbench
  • Fixed an issue with the Companion Spotting Module, where it kept calling out the same enemy over and over
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer games, where there was no VFX shown for other players getting healed by a Companion with the Medic Module equipped

  • [Community reported] Fixed an issue where the Building Blocks mission might not be able to complete due to a missing FNIX base

    Equipment and Weapons
  • [Community reported] Fixed an issue where players were unable to attach Vision Modules to scope on the RLG-7
  • Fixed an issue where players could use the Sensory Jammer despite being detected by Scouts
  • Fixed an issue where Explosive Arrows did no damage on FNIX Outpost Generators

  • Fixed an issue where players might join a multiplayer game with a difficulty setting other than the preferred

  • Fixed an issue where Completion and Station might overlap on the map screen
  • Fixed an issue where icons could be erroneously displayed on Warboard maps
  • Fixed an issue where opening Inventory while interacting with a Station or Storage Container might cause UI overlaps
  • Fixed an issue where UI prompts did not update if player rebound keys while in control of an RC Tick

  • Fixed a large amount of terrain holes and floating props

Known Issues


  • Some armor plates on the Tank’s legs are invulnerable
  • Some Machines that are visible for one party member are invisible for others in the same lobby
  • Dead machines sometimes still produce idle sounds

  • Assignment "Destroy 5 Runners with a hunting rifle" does not track correctly

  • Multiplayer Matchmaking - Player fails to join the correct session as per the preferred multiplayer matchmaking settings
  • Safehouses might get lost when logging in. This is most commonly encountered on PlayStation.

  • (PC) Tabbing out may result in unusually high GPU usage