September Update time! Challenges arrive, as well as our typical push for bug-fixing. We hope to see you out there completing those Challenges and showing off the rewards you’ve earned along the way! Take a read over the Patch Notes and hit us with feedback so we can keep improving the game!

New Feature: Challenges
For some time you’ve been asking for more “stuff to do”, and now we’ve put in some solid months of bug-fixing behind us we can now take the first small step in that direction with the addition of Challenges!

Challenges are a set of goals that reward you for activities carried out in the world of Generation Zero, as of now there are two “trees” to choose from. The Resistance path tasks you with various activities centered around your fight-back against the machines, for example you may be asked to destroy X amount of high-tier Hunters. The Truth path is centred on your progress through the story of Generation Zero and rewards you as you pass various milestones.

In terms of rewards, we have something new to talk about here! For the first time you can now use an in-game title for your character. Each challenge is made up of multiple tiers, as you complete each tier more often than not you are rewarded with a title, this can be chosen on the challenge page by selecting your desired challenge and hitting “Enter”. The final reward in the larger (5 goal steps) challenges, in addition to your title, also rewards a special item for you to equip. The team has had a lot of fun here with some of the designs, with some really cool things to unlock, so we hope you enjoy using them as much as we did creating them!

And then finally you also accrue “Prestige Points” as you complete challenges. You can think of these as “bragging rights”, a way of showing how you’ve mastered the game to your friends or multiplayer guests.

Again, this is just the first step for us in filling out your requests for more activities in Generation Zero, and we hope you have a lot of fun with it! The Challenge system has been designed to be expandable, and we’d love to add even more trees/goals as time goes on. Of course we should add that we’re also cooking up even MORE things to do in Generation Zero, outside of the Challenge system, but more news on that next month. ;)

And now on with the bug-fixes accompanying today's update:


  • Corrected issue that would cause VO from mission “Enemy of My Enemy” to incorrectly play at game start.
  • Corrected issue that could prevent the “out of ammo” sound effect from playing as intended when reaching the end of a magazine.

  • Multiple crash causes located and fixed.

    Enemy Behavior
  • Corrected issue that would prevent the Harvester from entering its “Defensive Mode”.
  • Fixed Hunters going into incorrect ready pose when using shoulder-mounted weapon.
  • Sniper-rifle equipped Hunters now correctly align their laser targeting to players before firing.
  • Explosive Ticks now correctly use their explode attack when attacking sticky-flared enemies.

  • Corrected lighting issue at Ibolholmen Church Tower.
  • Corrected “invisible doors” at Fårudden Radar Mast.
  • Fixed terrain issue at Muskudden Bunker Complex that could prevent players from walking over it.
  • We had two safehouses with the same name. Fixed!

  • Corrected blurry character hair and front wheel that could occur when riding bikes.
  • Corrected issue that could cause stuttering when cancelling ADS whilst standing still.

  • Added extra localization for skills menu.
  • Special character should now correctly display in the UI.
  • Corrected some inconsistencies with ammo name localization.
  • Resolved issue that would cause English to revert to swedish audio settings after restart.

  • Corrected so that the icon for the key now shows as intended on “Loud and Clear”
  • Clarified mission objective text for “Out Hiking”.
  • Added extra Place of Interest (PoI) location for “A Wrench in the Works”.
  • Added PoI for “Behind the Curtain”.
  • For the Intro Mission corrected issue that could cause Bengt’s Handwritten Note to be invisible.
  • Clarified naming of related safehouse for “On the Road”.
  • For “Over and Out” the radio mission object now correctly appears in the log.
  • The starting mission item now correctly shows in the log for “The Enemy of My Enemy”.
  • Corrected placeholder text on “To the Lighthouse” mission item.
  • Mission items for “Unbearable Lightness” now correctly have 3D models.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the mission “Woodcutter” uncompletable.

  • Some ammo types had no 3D model when viewed in loot containers/inventory. Fixed.
  • Corrected issue that would prevent switching between Main/Side mission tabs if the slider was not at the top position.

  • Corrected disorientating “zoom” effect that could occur when changing stance whilst ADSing with a weapon scope.

  • Some safehouses previously did not have stash/bike stations. Now all safehouses should be equipped with both.