Good day, Survivors!

In the last Dev Letter, we explained why we are taking a bit longer than usual to bring out this new Update for Generation Zero. In short, we wanted to give our Dev Team more time to thoroughly test what we were working on as well as fix the issues that were found.
Now, we’re fast approaching the end of this new Quality Assurance period and are ready to lock in a release date.

Patch 26, the Tactical Response Update, will be released on all platforms on the 25th of May, 2023!

Once more, thank you for your patience while we were working towards giving this update the polish it deserves!
We see your continued support across all of our social media channels and we greatly appreciate having you at our side as we release new and exciting content for Generation Zero.

Speaking of content, let’s talk a bit about what’s in this new update!

Procedural Missions
These missions are a new way for both newer and veteran players to throw a wrench in the machines’ works and earn some sweet loot!
Once a week, a new procedural mission will be unlocked and playable for all players.
At the moment, there are three types of missions with varying difficulty levels and rewards with more types coming in later updates. They can spawn in different locations all over the map, so keep a watch out!
At release, these missions will focus on sabotaging the machines in their operations. You’ll take out integral parts of their infrastructure and steal important resources! But watch out, these key points will be well-guarded.
We’re glad to be able to give players more things to do on a regular basis!

Tactical Equipment Pack 2
After we buffed the items in the first Equipment DLC we released, players were happy with what it provided, but they had more ideas for fun and useful equipment we could put in the game, so we did!
This premium DLC will contain five new pieces of equipment to tailor your playstyle and give you even more options to approach a fight.
One of them will give you a whole new perspective in approaching a battle!
Over the next couple of days, we will reveal the items in this DLC one by one on our social media, so be sure to follow our Twitter account and join our Discord server to get all the details!

Lots of bug fixes
On top of polishing the new content released with this update, we also got around to fixing a lot of crashes, multiplayer connection issues and AI behavior. And that’s not all! Here are some of the other things we’ve fixed:
The mission “Building Blocks” has received several fixes to progress blockers that were preventing players from completing the quest.
The “Homeward Bound” challenge tree works as intended again.
Lastly, we know how much you love your Tylöveden Home Bases, so in case you haven’t started your game since before the February 2023 Update: You can do so without being afraid of losing it after this update.

As for those who have already lost their base to this bug in the last three months:
We currently have no systems in place that would allow us to reimburse the lost materials to each of you. We know you’re frustrated about the loss of your hard earned resources, so we’ll keep looking into our possibilities in adding a way to give you back at least part of what you lost, but that will take more time. Thank you for your patience.

We’ve improved performance on Xbox One and PS4 and are working on even more performance optimization to be released between the Tactical Response Update and the next major patch.

Quality of Life
We’re also making some quality of life changes to make certain aspects of the game more fun and easy to complete.
For example, the Vintovka will get some bad luck protection as well as being added to the Wolf’s loot pool in order to make it more easily accessible to players!
Also, resources can now be pulled from the Plundra when crafting.

Coming Soon!
These are just a small assortment of the changes made in the Tactical Response Update.
You’ll be able to read the full details in the Patch Notes, which we aim to release one day ahead of the update, so you have ample time to read through them and make plans for your first session after it drops!

Of course we know that this update is rather slim in terms of new content added compared to previous releases.
This is because we put a lot of effort into “Quality over quantity” and also because we’re focusing a lot of resources on one of the coolest additions to the game since its release, a feature that will be unveiled after this update has been released!
No, it’s not a new story DLC or another island; we know that many of you have been asking for one! However, we want to focus on improving the existing game that we have on our hands.
We’re looking forward to talking more about our future plans when the time comes!

Speaking of future plans:
A new public roadmap is still very much being worked on, but since the extended development cycle with this new update is experimental, we have to be really careful when locking in dates and future trajectories. Now that the Tactical Response Update is on the doorstep, we’re hoping to finish and publish the public roadmap soon.

Until then, stay safe out there and take down some machines for us!
The Generation Zero Dev Team